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Air-cooled heat pump screw-type chiller and water heater unit




Scope of use:


Product Features

◆ Superior performance

The host adopts European imported semi-closed screw compressor, motor, compressor integration, no shaft seal leakage concerns. Single compressor or multiple compressors have start-up and shutdown round-robin control procedures, balanced load components, prolonging life. The unit adopts multiple refrigeration circuits, when one of the circuits needs maintenance, the rest of the circuits can still operate normally, with mutual standby function. The compressor adopts unloading and voltage reduction starting to avoid the impact on the power grid.

Ultra-low noise turbo fan design, V-shaped structure design, good heat dissipation.

◆ Exclusive high-temperature type unit

The high temperature heat pump unit can provide up to 55-60° C air-conditioning hot water, and the heat recovery type can provide domestic hot water, which is in line with the high demand for energy saving that Haoteepoel has always been upholding.

◆ Easy Installation

Compact structure of the unit, small footprint, saving space in the machine room. The vibration of the unit is very little, and the installation of foundation vibration isolation measures is simple.

When the whole machine is shipped from the factory, the machine has been injected with environmentally friendly refrigerant and lubricating oil, and only the water pipe of the evaporator needs to be connected during the installation, which reduces the installation time and cost.

◆ Low operating and maintenance costs

The unit can achieve intelligent programme control according to the demand of load: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% (or start) 0, and stepless adjustment, saving energy consumption.

The total number of screw compressor parts is only 1/10 of the reciprocating type, simple structure, fewer wearing parts, no inlet and exhaust valves, insensitive to the wet stroke, very low failure rate.

Screw compressor trouble-free operation up to 40,000 hours.

◆ Full range of safety and protection features

Pressure protection: high pressure protection and low pressure protection device.

Dual motor protection: loss of voltage protection, phase loss protection, phase reversal protection, motor overheating protection.

Anti-freezing protection: when the temperature of chilled water is too low, the unit stops.

Safety valve protection: when the refrigerant pressure exceeds a certain value, the safety exhaust valve will open automatically.

Various protections of the above equipment make the unit run safely and stably.

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