Guangdong Haotepu Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. Since its establishment for 20 years, based on the needs of social development, the company has been committed to innovating medical clean air conditioning and heat pump technology for a long time, constantly exploring and advancing, and achieving new brilliance.
The company's products have covered a full range of multi-scale air-cooled/water-cooled constant temperature and humidity clean medical air conditioners, digital fresh air air conditioning systems, DC variable frequency heat pump energy recovery fresh air units, variable frequency cold and hot water units, evaporative condensing chillers, modular variable frequency heat pump air conditioning units, rooftop variable frequency air conditioners, variable frequency precision air conditioners, rotary dehumidifiers, industrial explosion-proof air conditioners, and combined air handling equipment and air conditioning terminal devices, We have various new and efficient heat recovery heat pump air conditioning system equipment, including solution humidification fresh air units and (evaporative condensation) heat pump total heat recovery fresh air units. Its application fields have also expanded from building heating and air conditioning cold and heat source equipment to special refrigeration and air conditioning equipment such as ship outfitting, electronic clean workshops, low-temperature and low humidity production workshops, hospital operating rooms, isolation wards, explosion-proof air conditioning, and chemical processes.


Shiling Chenbian Section of National Highway 321, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province