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Air-cooled heat pump scroll chiller-heater unit




Scope of use:


Product Features

◆ Intelligent. Energy efficient

Adopting the world's leading microcomputer control technology, according to the design requirements, fully automatic control of the unit and according to its signals and pre-designed proportional integral differential PD) arithmetic can control up to 32 modules start and stop, to achieve a reasonable match between the output and the load to save power so that the unit start bee to maintain the best economic state of operation.

◆ Remote monitoring function

A new generation of microcomputer control only remote monitoring function, and reserved communication interface, can be linked with 1500 metres within the central monitoring computer into the building automation system so that the actual specification of human-computer sub-remote monitoring for the user to bring great convenience.

◆ Wide operating range of units

The unit can cool at an ambient humidity of 50°C and heat at -10°C.

◆ Unique auxiliary electric heater (optional)

Heat pumps provide optimum efficiency and reliability throughout the harsh winter months.

◆ DC Inverter Scroll Compressor

Infinitely adjustable refrigeration capacity, compared with other types with the same refrigeration capacity has the advantages of fewer moving parts, smaller rotating torque, less noise and according to the movement, higher reliability and energy saving efficiency.

◆ Tranquility and comfort

The unit is equipped with soundproof and sound-absorbing materials and anti-demand device for the brain compressor. The heat-exhausting net fan uses specially designed axial flow spiral blades, with large air volume and high pressure head and low vibration, and the transmission motor uses a special low-speed, low-noise, E-grade, insulated aluminium motor, with excellent heat dissipation performance, and can be used to prevent dust and splash water for safety and streaming.

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