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Indoor air-cooled heat pump chiller-heater unit (DC inverter)




Scope of use:


Product Features

◆ High reliability

The heat transfer medium delivered by the unit is water, so as long as sufficient pump head is considered, it can be remotely supplied for cooling and heating. Moreover, the refrigerant piping is concentrated on the outside of the room to reduce the possibility of refrigerant leakage, and the dual-system unit has two completely independent refrigeration systems, which further improves the reliability of the unit.

◆ Higher configuration, lower cost

The system is configured with an expansion tank, which improves the reliability of the water system and reduces both the user's engineering investment costs and maintenance costs.

◆ Intelligent control

The main control system adopts advanced full-computer control system to carry out all-round control of the unit, and through the multi-point control function, it can control the start and stop of the mainframe in multiple rooms, i.e. as long as an end device issues a power-on command, the mainframe is started, and all the end devices issue a shutdown command, and the mainframe stops, and the mainframe can also be set up as a master control point in the living room or in any room to carry out priority control of the unit.

◆ Operational economy and energy saving

DC frequency conversion compressor stepless adjustment of indoor load, precise control of water temperature, built-in large-capacity expansion tank increases the water capacity of the system, the true balance of energy supply and demand, to ensure that the unit operates efficiently and energy-saving and safe and reliable.

◆ Low noise operation

The use of top quality ultra-low noise wing-shaped axial fans, multi-stage stainless steel centrifugal water pumps and a variety of advanced mute noise reduction technology greatly reduces the operating noise of the air conditioner, so that your living room environment away from noise pollution.

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