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Water source heat pump water heater unit (DC inverter)




Scope of use:


Product Features

◆ Thanks to the multi-system optimised design of the high-performance DC inverter hermetic scroll flexible compressor, the energy-efficiency ratio COP when making hot water can reach more than 5.2.

◆ Good part-load characteristics

The unit can operate as usual under the condition of small cooling output, the microcomputer control system of the pro-machine can flexibly and reasonably control the number of module operation, and the refrigeration capacity of each module of the same amount can be automatically adjusted by the internal inverter compressor, so that it can operate efficiently even in the range of low load, so that the unit can make optimal match between the output and demand of the unit, and thus save the energy to the greatest extent possible.

◆ Small and compact (especially suitable for renovation work)

Modular design concept is integrated into each component of the unit, each pipeline, the core components of the unit are arranged in a compact and reasonable manner, the unit is small in size, light in weight (single module weighs only 280-560kg), small in footprint, and at the same time, the unit is not subject to the limitations of the external conditions of the construction, so that it can be transported at will.

◆ Excellent selection of components for modular units

The use of high-efficiency heat exchanger, the heat exchanger's small size, safety and no leakage, high heat transfer efficiency, heat loss and Yin force loss is small, maintenance is convenient and quick.

◆ Wide range of applications

The unit is applicable to a wide range of water source temperature: 8-35 ℃, can provide 50-60 ℃ domestic hot water, in addition, the high-temperature type unit can provide up to 60-70 ℃ hot water, can be directly used in the original radiator heating system.

◆ Full range of safety and protection features

Pressure protection: high pressure protection and low pressure protection device.

Motor protection: loss of voltage protection, phase shortage protection, reverse phase protection, motor overheating protection.

Anti-freezing protection: when the temperature of chilled water is too low, the unit stops.

Safety valve protection: when the refrigerant pressure exceeds a certain value, the safety exhaust valve will open automatically.

Various protections of the above equipment make the unit run safely and stably.

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