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Air source heat pump water heaters (DC inverter)




Scope of use:


Product Features

◆ Wide range of applications

Suitable for hotels, don't wall, hair salon, foot bath and other places for domestic hot water. Suitable for indoor swimming pool pool water heating and pool area picking Ken for hot water heat source; suitable for factories and farms in the production, breeding process for hot water source unit in the heating process at the same time refrigeration can be used, especially suitable for installation in the hotel garage, dehumidification system as an auxiliary source of cold, to reduce the burden on the refrigeration host.

◆ Economics

Get a lot of free heat from the air, each consumption of 1 degree of electricity can produce more than 3-6 degrees of heat, saving you 50-80% of the electricity bill, the unit can be installed in the garage, balcony, etc., does not take up the effective floor space, saving civil construction resources. Air source heat pump water heaters do not need fuel delivery costs and storage costs; air source heat pump water heaters have less maintenance costs, the heat pump system has only two parts movement, less wear and tear, only daily simple cleaning and maintenance, usually without any overhaul; full-automatic control without the need for full-time management personnel to save wages and expenses.

◆ Surety

The unit is equipped with high and low voltage protection, compressor overcurrent and overload protection, start-up delay, water flow protection, low-temperature defrosting, water temperature super-high temperature protection and other multiple safety protections, fundamentally eliminating leakage, dry burning, super-high temperatures and other safety hazards. Heat pump water heaters do not need fuel piping, no fuel leakage, fire, blasting and other safety except Chung.

◆ Convenient

Unique modular design, the maximum combination of 16 units, heat up to 1120KW; unit with automatic control, automatic start and stop, automatic frost, the highest water temperature of 60-70 degrees Celsius; installed outdoors, such as roofs, balconies, etc., without the need to set up another machine room.

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