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Ceiling cabinet fan coiler




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Product Features

◆ The surface cooler adopts the combination of full-emptying anti-freezing design and the unit structure adopts the design of anti-cold wind infiltration, which prevents freezing and cracking of heat exchanger coils in winter and completely solves the problem of active anti-freezing of the unit.

◆ The unit can adopt full working condition intelligent zoning control technology, which can perfectly achieve five energy-saving operation modes according to different seasons, different times, different air intake conditions and different indoor air requirements: full fresh air operation, small fresh air ratio operation, independent operation of temperature and humidity, ventilation operation in transitional seasons, and ventilation operation in winter, which can greatly make use of the fresh air cooling source, avoid hot and cold offset, and realise high efficiency and energy saving of the unit.

◆ Adopting our own unique design of "dry" structure water tray technology, eliminating the possibility of bacterial growth due to long-term accumulation of water in the water tray.

◆ The main refrigeration accessories are all domestic and foreign brand-name products to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.

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