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High air volume fan coiler




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Product Features

◆ Fan coiler products have the advantages of delicate structure, compactness, durability, beautiful and noble appearance, high heat exchange efficiency, low noise, easy maintenance, energy saving, smooth and reliable operation, etc., which are in line with the fan coiler product standard GB/T 19232-2019.

◆ The machine body is designed to be light and easy to install the drainpipe and line, and the left and right take-overs and the way of air return can be changed at any time, so that the machine set can be installed in any space in order to match with the situation on the spot.

◆ Fan coiler in the manufacture of high-quality materials, its structure is compact, durable, and no welded seams and other characteristics, which also makes the fan coiler work to provide great convenience. By constantly recirculating the air in the room where the unit is located, the air is cooled after passing through the chilled water coiler to keep the temperature of the room constant.

◆ Fan coiler is the ideal end product of central air-conditioning, and fan coiler is widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings, and scientific research institutions.

◆ The motor of fan coiler adopts low-noise two-speed capacitor-run motor with imported high-precision low-noise oil-containing ball bearings (no need to add lubricating oil), the fan adopts metal high-efficiency small-sized low-noise centrifugal fan, and the wind wheel is adjusted by strict dynamic and static balancing; the heat exchanger is made of high-quality aluminium foil and purple copper tube, which is processed by OAK production line of the United States. The shell of the unit is made of high quality galvanised steel.

◆ High efficiency: advanced tube expansion process ensures close contact between heat exchanger copper tube and aluminium foil, with good heat transfer performance.

◆ Low energy consumption: fan and heat exchanger are reasonably matched, with three adjustable air volume, and the use of high-efficiency fan coiler is a widely used end equipment in central air-conditioning purchase.

◆ Fan coiler control adopts temperature control + two-way valve control: the thermostat automatically controls the opening and closing of the electric two/three-way valve according to the comparison and arithmetic of the set temperature and the actual detected temperature; it directly controls the three-speed conversion of the fan as well as the starting and stopping of the fan, so as to achieve the purpose of constant temperature by controlling the system's water flow or air volume.

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