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Air-cooled and temperature-controlled dehumidifier




Scope of use:


Product Features

◆ This series of products dehumidifier is widely used in aerospace field, human defence project, purification project, underground station, special warehouse, laboratory, telecommunication equipment room, archive room, food room, pharmaceutical or film workshop, glass building materials manufacturing, tobacco and chemical industry, and other places with dehumidification requirements.

◆ Numerous series, including conventional dehumidifier, pipeline dehumidifier, combined dehumidifier, fresh air dehumidifier four series.

◆ The heat and humidity treatment programme of air-cooled temperature-adjusted dehumidifier can be used to achieve the function of temperature-adjusted dehumidification.

◆ Compressor and main refrigeration accessories are all products of international famous brands; through scientific and reasonable optimisation design of refrigeration system, the unit has low noise, stable and reliable performance and high energy efficiency ratio.

◆ The unit frame adopts domestic and foreign popular high-strength aluminium profiles and steel profiles with compact overall structure, beautiful appearance and modern atmosphere.

◆ The set is equipped with current overload, power supply phase shortage, motor overcurrent, over- and under-voltage protection of the refrigeration system, fan interlocking protection, delayed start and cooling water cut-off protection, which makes the unit safe and reliable in operation.

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