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Evaporative condensing heat pump total heat exchange fresh air unit




Scope of use:


Product Features

◆ Stable, healthy and comfortable operation
The unit adopts high-efficiency DC frequency conversion scroll compressor of famous brand and air-conditioning special blower, which runs quietly and smoothly; it improves the indoor air quality comprehensively, and discharges the dirty indoor air while introducing the fresh outdoor air to ensure the sufficient supply of fresh air.
◆ Beautiful and generous frame structure
The unit adopts anti-cold-bridge aluminium alloy frame structure, with remarkable energy-saving effect, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, avoiding mould growth; effective isolation of fresh air and exhaust air, preventing cross-pollution of the air: integrated design, no need for indoor and outdoor unit's copper pipe connection, easy installation, cost saving.
Precise control and multiple protection
Microcomputer control system can accurately adjust the operating conditions of the system, according to the load changes automatically adjust the air temperature (can be controlled at 15 ℃ -27 ℃), to a maximum extent to avoid the indoor and outdoor temperature difference; unit with a number of detection, multiple protection functions, safer operation.
Unique evaporative condensation technology
    Liquid turbulence evaporative condensation technology, making full use of the evaporation of the water film on the surface of the tube sheet, only a smaller amount of wind and less cooling water through the mass transfer and heat transfer can be achieved within the plate of the cooling condensation of the workpiece, without the need for cooling towers and high-power cooling pumps, condensing fans, pumps, distribution of power and the initial investment in the project has been significantly reduced.
◆ Patented technology of full heat recovery, heat recovery efficiency of more than 90 per cent.
    The use of low-temperature and low-humidity indoor exhaust air as the evaporative condenser cooling air, not only the use of indoor exhaust air sensible heat (temperature difference), but also the use of indoor exhaust air latent heat (temperature difference), the condensing effect is greatly superior to the direct use of outdoor air as the cooling air, to avoid energy loss due to the air replacement and ventilation, and the existing air conditioning unit compared with significant energy-saving effect, the annual operating costs can be saved 30%-40%. The annual operation cost can be saved by 30%-40%.
Water-saving effect is remarkable
    The use of advanced and reasonable water film type water-cooling method, so that the maximum cooling water and condensing plate surface fully wetting, strengthen the condensing plate heat transfer, and effectively overcome the plate flat wall water film is prone to "dry point" resulting in the scaling phenomenon; in addition, completely eliminated the cooling water tower exists in the "water" phenomenon, compared with the use of cooling water tower, it has significant energy saving effect. In addition, the phenomenon of "flying water" in cooling water tower is completely eliminated, and compared with the water-cooled unit using cooling tower, the water saving rate can be more than 50%.
No need for condensate discharge system
    The condensate to be discharged from the air-conditioning system can be directly quoted into the cooling water system of the unit as cooling water without the need to configure an independent condensate discharge system. Due to the low temperature of the condensate, the cooling capacity of the condensate is recovered, the cooling effect is improved, and the amount of cooling water consumption is further saved.
◆ Remote communication intelligent display
Remote control system interface is optional, realising the perfect combination of air-conditioning technology and network technology, so that users can feel the high efficiency brought by digitalisation.


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