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Seat Geothermal Heat Pump Total Heat Exchange Fresh Air Ventilator




Scope of use:


Product Features

◆ Stable, healthy and comfortable operation
The unit adopts high-efficiency DC frequency conversion scroll compressor of famous brand and air-conditioning special blower, which runs quietly and smoothly; it improves the indoor air quality comprehensively, and discharges the dirty indoor air while introducing the fresh outdoor air to ensure the sufficient supply of fresh air.

◆ Beautiful and generous frame structure
The unit adopts anti-cold-bridge aluminium alloy frame structure, with remarkable energy-saving effect, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, avoiding mould growth; effective isolation of fresh air and exhaust air, preventing cross-pollution of the air: integrated design, no need for indoor and outdoor unit's copper pipe connection, easy installation, cost saving.

Precise control and multiple protection
Microcomputer control system can accurately adjust the operation of the system, according to the load changes automatically adjust the air temperature (can be controlled at 15 ℃ -27 ℃), to a maximum extent to avoid the indoor and outdoor temperature difference; unit with a number of detection, multiple protection functions, safer operation.

◆ Superior environmental adaptability
Wide operating range, the unit can operate efficiently under the environment of -10℃-50℃, and the balanced design of air supply and exhaust greatly improves the environmental effect and reduces the load borne by the air conditioner with a more simplified design.

◆ Full heat recovery for high efficiency and energy saving
The condenser is set in the exhaust air channel, with 100% heat recovery of the air conditioning indoor exhaust air and a large recovery volume, making the unit highly efficient and energy-saving, with energy saving of 20%-30% compared with the ordinary full fresh air conditioning.

◆ Remote communication intelligent display
Remote control system interface is optional, realising the perfect combination of air-conditioning technology and network technology, enabling users to feel the high efficiency brought by digitalisation.

◆ Professional air-conditioning customisation
According to customer requirements, non-standard customised optional function segments, as well as energy recovery devices (such as plate, rotor type heat recovery), to further reduce operating costs.

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