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Rooftop constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning (DC inverter) 3




Scope of use:


Product Features

◆ The product refrigeration covers a wide range, widely used in electronic industry, biological engineering, food and beverage, instrumentation, precision machinery, "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP) pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical and health care, aerospace and aviation, and other places with strict requirements on air temperature, humidity and cleanliness.

◆ The set is designed for open-air installation on the roof, with the performance of sun-proof, rust-proof, rain-proof, etc. It does not need special machine room and does not take up indoor effective space.

◆ The standard set is divided into several forms of constant temperature and humidity, refrigeration, heat pump and full fresh air in summer. Heating mode can choose heat pump heating, electric heating, steam heating or hot water heating; humidification mode can choose electrode humidification or steam humidification.

◆ Air temperature, humidity and cleanliness adjustment, belongs to the "three degrees" of air conditioning, can also be attached to the bactericidal disinfection function.

◆ The air filtration efficiency is F8 level (90-95% for colourimetric method; 95% for 1um counting method), and it can be designed to F9 and H10 level.

◆ The static pressure of the unit is divided into two grades: high and low, which can provide 100-1000Pa static pressure outside the unit, which is enough to overcome the resistance of the air ducts and the high efficiency filter at the end, and it is not necessary to consider the booster box.

◆ The compressor adopts high-performance DC frequency conversion scroll compressor, the supply fan adopts low-noise and high-efficiency centrifugal fan, and the accessories of refrigeration system are all from domestic and foreign famous brands with stable performance.

◆ The unit is equipped with multiple safety protections, such as high and low pressure, compressor overcurrent, overload, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of the unit.

◆ Adopting Chinese display controller with backlight, it is easy to operate and carry out full-automatic control on the precision of constant temperature and humidity, filtering effect, reliable operation and fault protection of the unit.

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