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Jet-set tent air-conditioner (DC inverter)




Scope of use:


Product Features

◆ The unit is designed for open-air installation on the roof, which has the performance of preventing exposure to sunlight, rust and corrosion, and rainstorm, etc. It does not need a special machine room and does not take up any effective indoor space.

◆ With its own cooling source, the unit integrates refrigeration, air supply, heating, humidification, air purification and electrical control, and does not require cooling tower and cooling water system, which is convenient for installation and greatly saves initial investment.

◆ Divided into two forms of integral type and split type, reasonable layout, while according to different needs of different functional segments for non-standardisation.

◆ Adopt high efficiency DC frequency conversion scroll or screw compressor, meanwhile, it has multiple safety protections, such as high and low voltage system, compressor overcurrent, phase failure, motor overload, heater over-temperature, short-circuit, delayed start, etc., as well as fault detection and alarm functions, to ensure safe and reliable operation.

◆ According to the specific requirements of the use of occasions, can do explosion-proof anti-corrosion treatment.

◆ Humanised microcomputer control system, friendly control interface, the perfect combination of simple and fast operating procedures and advanced and complex central air conditioning control concepts.

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